Thursday, April 15, 2010


The Words you have left as a Record
give Hints, ReMeZ, as to Weighty decision;
but only hints: What is it, -exactly-
that made a difference?

Feelings of Inadequacy?
Boredom? Lonliness?
... frustration that things were not as you had hoped?

I ask because, although I am aware
the Need is Heavy on my Heart.
{Not that it is a responsibility of yours: my Heart}.

What We have Accomplished will echo
through Generations;
each Thread of significant Difference
a contrasting Colour on the Loom of Fates.

Consider Writing your Experiences as a Book.
You should develop skill with Words
for such a Book to have Import, Then:
Write the Experiences whilst Fresh in Mind.

Some will Fade, opportunity Lost.
Some will Grow in Import, and Details will Matter.
Each memory a seed of Change,
to be Planted in the Minds of Others,

Even if simply on a Blog

ישוע >>>>---->

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Framing the Parameters by Resolving Definition

Engineering= The Gentle Art of Problem Solving w/ Limited Resources'

-As an 'artsy' kinda guy, I didn't really understand 'Engineers',

until I came to this understanding..."Architects", Yes. Engineers, no.

Fortunately.....I do, Now: 'Understand'. I 'get' It.

Politics= 'The Gentle Art of Compromise' Given That definition:We don't actually have many Politicians, do we? Lotsa Comedians & Pied Pipers playing to their Fan Base, but.... Politicians....?...not so much...
Politician= "The Artist of Social & Materials Engineering and

Religion= "The Gentle Art of Teaching our Children How We Found Meaning" Not much Religion in this ol' world, by that definiton, huh?