Wednesday, January 21, 2015

On Religious Conflicts

I'll draw your attention to two intersecting Points:
and also
It is my considered opinion that we have been having, essentially:
Th wrong conversations on the topic of 'religion'.

For a number of years I have used the following definitions
1) Spirituality: the methodologies we use to explore and integrate the experience of the Numinous
2) Religion: the methodologies we use to Teach our Children our understandings of our experiences of 1) spirituality
3) Philosophy: the methodologies and motivations put into pragmatic use to interact with our Fellow Human Beings, as informed by 2) religion and 1) spirituality
Put in Those Terms? By These definitions?
All 'religious' disagreement comes down to a philosophical discussion.
But a philosophical discussion of a particular Kind: 
Although we can have the philosophical discussion formed and informed with logic,
or rhetoric, or even semantics & linguistics, 
these are not the central disagreement.
The Central Discussion is,
In Point of Fact:
a Question of Aesthetics

SEE (comments attached to):

Engineering= The Gentle Art of Problem Solving w/ Limited Resources' 

-As an 'artsy' kinda guy, I didn't really understand 'Engineers',

until I came to this understanding..."Architects", Yes. Engineers, no.

Fortunately.....I do, Now: 'Understand'. I 'get' It.

Politics= 'The Gentle Art of Compromise'  Given That definition:We don't actually have many Politicians, do we?

 Lotsa Comedians and Pied Pipers playing to their Fan Base, 
but.... Politicians....?...not so much...

Politician= "The Artist of Social and Materials Engineering " and 

Religion= "The Gentle Art of Teaching our Children How We Found Meaning" 

Not much Religion in this ol' world, by that definiton, huh?

More on this Topic as I receive either Insight or Feedback.

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